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All About Me

Hi, my name is Lisa Dowdell and I am the ‘geek gurl’ behind No “gurl” is not a misspelling or a typo, no I’m not under the age of 14, nor anything other than 100% woman … but I wanted to add a little flair to the label I selected for myself. For years the term “geek” was always associated with a nerd or someone that was “heads down” into the books. Today I think the label “geek” is something to be proud of since in this world where would we be without the technology we have come greatly to depend on. And who designs that technology…yes I think you got it!

We are the new “in” crowd. So rejoice in your true “geekish” spirit…shout it on Twitter, sing praises on YouTube, and stand up and be counted as a FBF as a true techie, guru … geek!

I created as my way to share the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and hopefully years to come. I’ve received so much assistance from other programmers through their websites and resource recommendations that I thought it was time I ‘gave back’. For so many years in my development jobs I felt like an island because there weren’t any other programmers in my section to ask, “How do you make this … do this?”

The Internet and the ability to search out a solution became the most powerful tool I possessed. Through I plan to share my knowledge, my resources and Internet business know-how.

This site will not only be for the web developer, but the individual just trying to get their Internet presence off the ground.

On a professional note, I am an IT consultant and operate my own business (and definitely for hire!). I am a veteran professional web designer and applications developer, possessing extensive experience in application development, web integration, web design, corporate branding and graphic design — and acquiring more and more skill sets everyday.

Since 1998 I’ve has worked with various different public and private sector organizations to create web presences ranging from purposes of communicating with their customers to actually doing online business transactions.

It has become my mission to inspire as many as I can to utilize the technology of the Internet to its fullest to be more productive and improve life!
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